January 2019


A circle of light. Literally.

This is the effect the motor seeks to create in the garage, also serving as a stylish LED lamp. HALO combines the functions of automation and lighting, extending the Night Light System concept created by Key Automation.

The light fitting brings an exclusive touch to the garage and enables the installer to connect automation and LED lighting in a single operation.

The heart of the innovation is also its technology, with a choice of conventional installation or two new mounting positions, on the cross beam or embracing the spring shaft.

These two new installation modes not only speed up fitting and wiring times but also make the lighting unit the main feature, minimising the automation’s visual impact.

HALO enjoys all the benefits of the KUBE “IoT” platform: programming via smartphone, potential malfunction alerts to both installer and user, remote assistance by installer, door opening and closure by smartphone and time-band access control.
- completely integrated into the runner
- permanent release using string with manual reset
- prefitted for release from outside with metal cable
- two symmetrical door connections
- allows three automation mounting modes
- available with belt drive system
- illuminates garage with two rows of LEDs 4 m long, total output 40W LED
- lighting-industry grade polycarbonate LED cover
- very low power consumption thanks to LED technology
- extruded aluminium rubber powder-coated in RAL9010
- runner opening designed to minimise carriage visibility
- minimal, elegant ceiling mounting fixture
- one-piece runner
- steel C-section available with belt drive system
- total length 3 or 4m
- one-piece or 3-piece runner for 3m lenght
- two-button programming, with KUBE PRO receiver or with DYL cabled programmer
- maintenance and/or malfunction alerts via app (with KUBE)
- remote parameter editing (with KUBE)
- door opening via smartphone (with KUBE)
- safety device (photocell + sensitive edge) disabling dip-switch
- integrated radio receiver
- electronics covered for protection against accidental damage
- compact head unit (total height 8 cm) with runner integral in unit, allowing installation close to the spring shaft
- LED courtesy light
- side-opening hatch for access to electronics
- builder button (external step-by-step operating button)
- compact KEY 24 Vdc motor
- motor sizes: 800Nm and 1200Nm
- optional battery pack
- compatible with KEY electric lock for sectional doors