A new way of conceiving automation for doors and gates. No longer just a means to move the openings but at the same time a source of lighting during the night.

Night Light System is an automation system with LEDs integrated into the motor body and the flashing light, to illuminate your entrances all night, independently of the gate opening.

The innovation of this system consists of the LEDs incorporated in the products which, in addition to signaling the operation of the motors during opening, become fixed courtesy lights during the night, thanks to the night sensor integrated in the flashing light, transforming the products into real and own luminous bodies

The Night Light System line represents Italian style and design, marrying refinement and technology with the use of latest generation materials and LEDs. The fluid and sinuous shapes enhance the gate of your home, giving the environment a sophisticated and elegant look.


Defines the width of the passage during the night, providing a safe entry and exit from your home


Italian style and design at their best, combining the latest technologies with the use of the latest generation of materials. Enhances the gate of your home thanks to the modern  shapes and colors, offering a unique style to your outdoor environment


Ease the night vision when security cameras are installed, in order to monitor the perimeter of your house for an improved control of your property


Thanks to the extra-low voltage 24Vdc technology, expensive excavations and underground conduits are no longer needed. With an outdoor cable and dedicated connectors, the installation is easy and suitable for the DIY or through your gardener or electrician


The use of the LED allows a lower energy consumption compared to the use of traditional incandescent bulbs, ensuring a longer life cycle. The cost of energy consumption of the Night Light System, relating to night lights, is around 2 euro per year.*

*system for swing gate, included of 3 LED lights turned on all days of the year for 12 hours a day.


Designed and manufactured respecting the requirements of the Italian quality. Efficient and reliable, as it's subject to severe wear resistance tests for both mechanics and electronics. Simple to install, easy to use and safe for your family


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